My Next Phone (2) – a Yotaphone?

I have just discovered about the Yotaphone.

I can’t afford one and I’ve got at least another year on my Sony Xperia z1 Compact contract.

But… the Yotaphone, now in its second iteration, features at least one of the ideas in my previous post on this subject – (My Next Phone (1)) – that is, the twin-screen idea, with a bright power-hungry AMOLED display on one face and a miserly monochrome eInk display on the other.

Now I’m not saying that Yotaphone copied me. I had the two-screen idea several years ago, but didn’t blog about it. However, if they’ve patented it and anyone wants to challenge them in the US, I’d be happy to talk. I can probably provide prior-invention date notes. The challenge wouldn’t work outside the US  where there’s first-to-file priority.  Or, hey, Yotaphone, just sling me a phone and we’ll say no more? OK. Deal.

But it would be even cooler if the Yotaphone 3 were to feature some of the other cool ideas in that earlier post.

Stronger, please

Dudes, make the phone stronger. With two screens, it needs to be tough enough not to need a case when in the gritty-grimy  hands of a tough outdoorsy messy hands-on gardener-cook bloke like me. Not everyone is a silky-handed metrosexual.   IP68 construction please. It must pass the 2-metre stone floor drop test and the washing-machine test.  If it gets a bit of garden soil or engine oil on it, a rinse under the tap with a splash of detergent to clean it.

Two batteries

I was a fisherman in an earlier part of my life.  I’ve spent time fiddling around with fishing-boat engines. And on boats with diesel engines, we have two batteries. One just does the starting, the other the ship’s supply circuitry. If we stay up too late under electric light and run the batteries down, the engine will still start.  Same principle for the phone. Let it still work if I use it for a long gaming or video session on the Amoled screen.

Eight Cameras

Four on each face, to allow stereoscopic imaging and stereographic display (the latter using eye-position triangulation)  in either orientation.  And possibly super-high-resolution imaging using baseline interferometry if you can get the manufacturing tolerances tight enough.

Tell you what, keep the eight camera idea for the Yotaphone 4.  Keep everyone guessing. But the IP68 and two-batteries bit, that’s urgent.


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I'm a freelance intellectual property consultant and a self-taught Java programmer with a bee in his bonnet about trust, transparency, liberty-and-liberalism and all things free, fair and open-source. I am at my happiest when I am dancing.
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