Call me an Anti-Semite….

Names mean nothing.

I like and dislike Jewish people as much as I like or dislike people of any other faith or ethnicity.  Some of them are pretty unpleasant.

I disagree with many of the tenets of fundamentalist Orthodox Judaism,  some of which are almost as extreme as the tenets of Wahabi Islam.  I respect the right of people to hold such views; but that right does not extend to imposing restrictions on the behaviour of others.

I do not think that the State of Israel should exist in its present form.  This is because I disagree with the jus sanguine theory of nationality.  Everyone is entitled to a nationality; but nationality should never depend on either ethnicity or faith. No state should ever grant superior privileges to citizens of one faith or ethnicity over another. This we now know, although we didn’t before.  Our own country granted special privileges to communicants of the Church of England and against Roman Catholics until Catholic emancipation.  Germany, too, after the war, granted automatic citizenship to ethnic Germans, but not to its Turkish immigrants. Within my lifetime, the United States allowed discrimination and segregation of its African-American citizens; and most of my early political activism was directed against the evils of apartheid. Now, generally, Western liberal opinion regards racism of any sort as beyond the pale. So do I.

Anti-semitism is at its most virulent and institutionalised in the State of Israel itself. It is directed not against Jewish people, but by them against their fellow semites, their Arab neighbours.  Anti-Arab racism is pervasive in Israeli society.

I deplore discrimination on the grounds of race or faith, wherever it occurs, and particularly when it is institutionalised in a state’s Constitution.

There should be no Jewish State. The State of Israel should not exist.

We learned the wrong lesson from the Holocaust. And yes, I can deny the right of Israel to exist without denying the Holocaust. It happened; it was genocide. The lesson of the Holocaust  was not, as we thought at the time, that Jews and Gentiles (particularly German gentiles) could not live harmoniously together in a diverse and tolerant society; but that we must. And I am proud that here in London we are managing to show the world how it should be done.

Not that we cannot, but that we must. 



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I'm a freelance intellectual property consultant and a self-taught Java programmer with a bee in his bonnet about trust, transparency, liberty-and-liberalism and all things free, fair and open-source. I am at my happiest when I am dancing.
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