Genetically-Modified Moss: MossCote

This is a product that has not yet been developed. Someone should be working on it.

MossCote is a genetically-modified moss designed to grow on the exterior, particularly north-facing  walls of houses to improve their thermal properties.

Surfaces to bear MossCote are first treated with a suitable MossPrime priming solution; MossCote will only adhere to primed surfaces, which ensures that it does not penetrate where it is not desired.  There are different MossPrime formulations for different substrates – soft brick, hard (engineering) brick, cement render, lime plaster etc.

When the MossPrime has dried, (12-72 hrs depending on conditions), a single coat of MossCote liquid containing MossCote spores in suspension is applied. The liquid also contains appropriate nutrients to help the MossCote spores establish and to prevent unwanted mosses from doing so.

MossCote should start to turn green within about three weeks, depending on weather conditions. For the first six months, MossCote should be sprayed with water during dry conditions, after which the capillary network should have become established. Thereafter MossCote draws water and nutrients from the base channel by capillary action. This water is carried up only in the sub-surface layer, which is constantly being regenerated.

Photosynthesis in MossCote’s surface layer converts water in the capillary channel and carbon dioxide in the air to sugars which are then polymerised into lignin and cellulose fibres.

Depending on the level of insolation, MossCote should lay down approximately 10mm of thickness in a year. This has an R-value of about 0.6 and over a ten-year period will substantially increase the thermal insulation of your home.

MossCote needs over 12 hrs of daylight in 24 to be active. It will not photosynthesise or draw capillary water during the winter months, thus minimising evaporative heat loss.


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