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Call me an Anti-Semite….

Names mean nothing. I like and dislike Jewish people as much as I like or dislike people of any other faith or ethnicity. ¬†Some of them are pretty unpleasant. I disagree with many of the tenets of fundamentalist Orthodox Judaism, … Continue reading

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My Next Phone (1) – I wish!

The ridiculous trend for thin-ness in smartphones continues. The iPhone 6 is now too thin for its camera. Not to mention that it bends. Other manufacturers are intent on bringing out even thinner – and in the absence of major … Continue reading

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Genetically-Modified Moss: MossCote

This is a product that has not yet been developed. Someone should be working on it. MossCote is a genetically-modified moss designed to grow on the exterior, particularly north-facing ¬†walls of houses to improve their thermal properties. Surfaces to bear … Continue reading

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A declaration of faith

I don’t like labels. I have always considered myself an atheist, but I was born into a Quaker family. There is no god (but God). And Muhammad is his Messenger. I don’t think it is inconsistent to hold beliefs that … Continue reading

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